About Us


TekStar is a service partner with authorized distributor relationships.

We provide an array of downhole, drilling and completions, products and services for the oil, gas and geothermal markets.

We have been in business since 2001 getting our start with float equipment and centralizers, then expanding into packers, cooling stations, gravel pack sand and liner hangers.

We source the highest quality equipment from internationally renown brands and have the ability to customize and install everything we offer.

A message from leadership:

Our only goal is to serve you, the customer.  Our success only comes with your success. We are 100% committed to delivering an integrity-driven, transparent solution for your downhole casing string equipment needs and will do all that we can to ensure you receive the best possible product at the most competitive price in the most timely manner.

We appreciate you spending a few minutes on our website and for your consideration in doing business with us.


Derek Hance

Brighton Beach Enterprises Inc., dba TekStar